Swing Oil Hat

Swing Oil Hat

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The first product of our collection. Hats are hard to make, but we think we nailed it with this one.

What is it?

The Big Ball is a revolutionary golf training aid designed to transform your putting game. It's not just another golf ball – it's oversized, specially engineered, and crafted with a purpose.

The Big Ball is 25% larger than a standard golf ball, making it the ultimate tool to enhance your putting accuracy, consistency, and confidence on the greens. Our innovative design creates a unique practice experience that translates to improved performance with regular-sized golf balls.

With The Big Ball, you'll conquer the challenge of three-putting and experience a game-changing boost to your overall putting skills. Plus, we're offering free customization with your course logo, allowing you to make it your own and provide a personalized touch to your golfing journey. Say goodbye to missing 5 footers

How does it work?

This innovative training aid, larger and heavier than a standard golf ball, offers a dual advantage. Its size reduces the hole's target area, refining your accuracy and boosting confidence.

Meanwhile, the added weight enhances your putting stroke, leading to greater control and consistency.

Add "The Big Ball" into your practice routine and watch your putting skills soar, ensuring you never miss a crucial putt again. Say goodbye to those frustrating three putts and never miss a 5-footer again.

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Why Go Big?

Say Goodbye to 3-Putts: The Big Ball is your secret weapon for eliminating those frustrating 3-putts from your scorecard. Warm up with The Big Ball, reduce the hole's target area, and make putts more challenging. Imagine a round where you never miss a 5-footer. That's the power of The Big Ball.