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Matt Fields: Professional Golf Coach @mattfieldsgolf

As a professional golf coach for the past 20 years, I have found that most golfers tend to over-read their putts from 5 feet and in, and under-read their putts from outside 10 feet. Additionally, golfers often do not hit their short putts firmly enough to hold the line. Training with a larger ball has proven to solve both these issues for my students. The larger size of the ball naturally encourages aiming more inside the hole on short putts, while the heavier weight helps in rolling the ball with better energy and capture speed. After training with the big ball for just 5 or 10 minutes, switching back to a normal-sized golf ball makes the hole look as big as a bucket, which significantly boosts confidence. Ultimately, training with the big ball will improve your aim on short putts, help you hit the ball more solidly, and increase your success rate on short putts.


Why does it work?

This idea takes inspiration from other sports, like the oversized basketball. We help golfers build their confidence on the green by making it tougher to sink the putt during practice. That way, when it's game time, it feels like a breeze. You'll nail any putt within six feet like clockwork. Easy peasy.


What Big Ball Customers Are Saying!

"The Big Ball revolutionized my putting game. Previously plagued by 3-putting and missed short putts, practicing with The Big Ball boosted my confidence and precision to new heights. Now, I effortlessly sink putts, leading to a remarkable improvement in my overall scores. Undoubtedly, The Big Ball is a true game-changer!"

- John D.

"Among various putting aids I've tested, The Big Ball stands as the ultimate. With its increased size and weight, it narrows the hole's target area, resulting in a significant boost in my accuracy and reliability. Now, 5-foot putts hold no intimidation; I approach them confidently and succeed."

- Sarah M.

"As a golf instructor, I recommend The Big Ball to all my students. It's a highly effective training aid for golfers of all levels. The larger size and added weight create a tougher putt, leading to better performance with a regular ball. My students have seen great progress in their putting thanks to The Big Ball."

- Coach Tom R.

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