Once upon a time, a passionate golfer was determined to improve their game. Frustrated by the recurring problem of 3-putting, they knew it was time for a change. As they observed fellow golfers on the putting green, they discovered a common thread among those who excelled – they practiced putting with smaller targets like nickels and golf tees. They even encountered golf courses with practice greens with smaller holes. This secret technique helped make the real hole feel larger, leading to more successful putts when it mattered most.

Inspired by this valuable insight, they set out on a mission to develop a simple and enjoyable solution that would revolutionize their putting skills. They wanted something simple and effective, especially right before a round. Then, a childhood memory sparked an idea – oversized basketballs used in gym class to boost shooting accuracy. What if they could create a larger ball specifically designed for putting practice? A ball that would make the regular golf hole feel like an expansive ocean, instilling confidence and precision.

With unwavering determination, they embarked on a journey to bring this vision to life. Prototypes were crafted, manufacturers were found, and numerous samples were tested. The outcome was nothing short of magical – The Big Ball was born. It was the ultimate putting game-changer, tailored to help golfers overcome the challenges of 3-putting and transform their performance on the greens.

Excitement grew as the golfer invited their closest friends and family to test The Big Ball. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, confirming the effectiveness of practicing with a larger ball. However, they knew that the true measure of success lies in the experience of each golfer. That's why they were passionate about giving as many golfers as possible the opportunity to try The Big Ball. Whether it helps them sink more putts or becomes a lighthearted gift for a friend who tends to miss 5-footers the next time you play.


Join us on this incredible adventure as we eliminate 3-putts and elevate putting skills nationwide. It's time to take your putting game to new heights, embrace the thrill of sinking putts with confidence, and chase those low scores.