Mastering Short Putts: Insights from The Big Ball Golf Company

Mastering Short Putts: Insights from The Big Ball Golf Company

Welcome to the world of precision putting, where the smallest adjustments can lead to significant improvements in your golf game. At The Big Ball Golf Company, we’re dedicated to helping golfers refine their skills and lower their scores. One common challenge we’ve observed is the tendency to over-read putts from 5 feet and in, and under-read putts from outside 10 feet. Additionally, many golfers struggle to hit their short putts firmly enough to maintain the line. Today, we want to share a game-changing training method that has proven effective for countless golfers: practicing with a larger ball.

Overcoming Common Putting Pitfalls

When it comes to short putts, accuracy and confidence are key. Many golfers tend to overestimate the break on shorter putts, leading to missed opportunities. Conversely, putts from beyond 10 feet are often under-read, resulting in missed targets and added strokes. Another frequent issue is the lack of firmness in hitting short putts, causing the ball to deviate from its intended line. These challenges can be frustrating, but they are not insurmountable.

The Big Ball Advantage

Training with a larger ball has emerged as a highly effective solution to these common putting issues. The increased size of the ball encourages golfers to aim more precisely within the hole on short putts. This naturally improves accuracy by narrowing the target area and reducing the margin for error. Additionally, the heavier weight of the larger ball helps golfers develop a more solid and consistent stroke, ensuring the ball rolls with better energy and capture speed.

Transforming Your Putting Game

One of the most remarkable benefits of practicing with a larger ball is the psychological advantage it provides. After just 5 or 10 minutes of training, switching back to a normal-sized golf ball makes the hole appear significantly larger. This visual shift boosts confidence and makes short putts feel less intimidating. Golfers often report feeling more assured and focused, leading to improved performance on the greens.

Practical Steps for Success

To incorporate this training method into your practice routine, follow these simple steps:

  1. Warm-Up with the Big Ball: Spend 5 to 10 minutes putting with the larger ball. Focus on aiming within the hole and hitting the ball firmly.
  2. Switch to a Standard Ball: After your warm-up, switch back to a normal-sized golf ball. Notice the increased confidence and precision in your putting stroke.
  3. Consistent Practice: Make this training a regular part of your practice routine to reinforce the improvements in aim and stroke.


Training with a larger ball is a simple yet highly effective way to enhance your putting skills. By improving your aim on short putts and developing a more solid stroke, you can increase your success rate and lower your scores. Remember, confidence is key in putting, and this training method can provide the boost you need to master the greens.

Renowned golf coach Matt Fields, with over 20 years of experience, has successfully implemented this training method with his students, seeing remarkable results. By incorporating these insights into your practice, you too can elevate your game.

As always, keep practicing and stay committed to improving your game. For more tips and products to enhance your golfing experience, visit us at The Big Ball Golf Company. Happy putting!

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